Pale Meadows

Pale Meadows

Game Description

Pale meadows is a player-driven online RPG with a strong emphasis on social interaction.

You play an adventurer who is drawn into a newly-discovered mysterious world called The Shifts. Your goal is to gather Aeran, the magical essence that is the currency of the Shifts. You can use Aeran to level up your character, buy equipment and trade for services offered by other players.

The most straightforward method of gettingr Aeran is to defeat the many monsters that roam the Shifts. If you prefer, you can ignore the monsters and gather Aeran from environment nodes that can be found scattered throughout the game. These pools are highly coveted and you may encounter some (un)friendly competition! Occasionally, very powerful boss monsters will appear and slaying them will earn you great rewards. Defeat these bosses can be quite a challenge and you will likely need the help of other players.

In Pale Meadows, player vs player combat is always on. Additionally, player kills grant Aeran and can be a viable path to leveling up your character. This opens some interesting possibilities. You could, for example, attack a player who is hogging an environment node or if you are feeling particularly mischievous, you could ruin the day of a party trying to take down a big boss.

Players looking for a more peaceful experience can form alliances with other well meaning players and keep each other safe. Additionally, a bounty system will allow players to police the game themselves.

Morality plays a big role in Pale Meadows. Depending on your actions, you will have different options when leveling your character. Each class affects the combat options available to the player


Pale Meadows is currently in development. These are the features currently implemented:

Features to be released in the near future (hopefully!):

Features planned for the final game:

Getting the Game

The game is currently in alpha. If you are interested in playing/testing the game you can download it below. Drop us an email at to get an alpha account.

It is only through mystery and madness that the soul is revealed. ― Thomas Moore